12 Types of Hangers For Fashion Stores, Which Is The Best?

Types of Hangers

As a fashion store owner, you might in need of various types of hangers. What are they?

Types of Hangers by Usage

To classify them by usage, we get the types of hangers as below:

1. Dress hangers

To hold and accommodate all sorts of dress types, summer dresses, night dresses, casual or elegant, fancy or simple.

Chinov-Acrylic Dress Hanger

2. Pants hangers

To hold and display pants, jeans, shorts and anything of the like in your fashion store.

Chinov-Acrylic Pants Hangers

3. Skirt hangers

For the display of all sorts of skirts and similar clothing apparel in your fashion boutique.

Chinov-Acrylic skirt hangers

4. Children’s clothing hangers

To help display any sort of children’s clothing from little dresses to pants, t-shirts, blouses, coats and so on and so forth.

Chinov-Children Clothing Hangers

5. Suit hangers

To hold, organize and show off pairs of suits before your client.

Chinov-Universal Garment Hanger

6. Coat hangers

To display and hold all types and styles of coats, which are perfect for displaying coats in any window display case or around your retail store.

Chinov-Acrylic Coat Hanger

7. Lingerie hangers

For the display of a more special and chic category of apparel, lingerie, underwear, swimsuits and anything of the kind!

Chinov-Acrylic Lingerie Hangers

Types of Hangers by Material

To classify them by material, there are 4 types of hangers:

1. Wire hangers.

wire hangers

The benefit of wire hangers is cheap enough to buy in bulk. They are widely used in every family and supermarket. It is good hanger if you just need them to hang thin and light clothes.

2. Plastic hangers.

plastic hangers

Similar to wire hangers, plastic hangers are cheap to be afforded to every family. We can use them to carry most of our daily garments. In the meanwhile, either wire hangers or plastic hangers share similar disadvantages too. Wire hangers are too thin to be bent easily. While plastic hangers are too fragile to break, and this feature becomes more obvious if they’re exposed in the sun every day.

3. Wooden hangers.

wooden hangers

Compare to wire and plastic, wooden material is more structured and durable, but also more costly. As long as wooden hangers appear more upper-scale and durable, it is one of the most popular boutique hangers.

4. Velvet hangers.

velvet hangers

Velvet hangers are popular to fashion boutiques due to the price is a little bit more economical than the wooden hangers. They appear good and durable, featured with non-slip function to protect your clothing. But due to the feature of the material, they are more likely to be used as seasonal displays.

5. Acrylic hangers.

Types of Hangers

Compare to the other hangers, acrylic hanger appears like fresh air to the fashion industry. It becomes popular since 2017. A famous fashion brand DIOR has been using acrylic displays for most of its boutiques world-widely. Acrylic hangers are popular due to its high clear and superb durable features. It is not a commonly-used household product, seldom people know it. Thus, it attracts people to look at it, touch and try your clothing. Regardless of the curiosity-driving feature, it is the best boutique hanger if you want to make a higher profit off the clothing as Dior.

As long as visual merchandising technique tells us, the way we display the commodities defines the value of the products. If you want to bring a premium brand image, high-end quality impression to your target customers, you should definitely consider using acrylic hangers as your boutique hangers.

Chinov Display stocks the largest selection of acrylic fashion store hangers. Our unbreakable dress hangers, acrylic suit hangers, and heavy-duty pants hangers are all made of heavyweight materials. They are capable of safely supporting even the heaviest coats and suits. For more information about the acrylic hangers, please visit the product detail page of acrylic hangers.

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