The Secret of Dior to Successfully Use of Visual Merchandising

use of visual merchandising how dior makes success by the use of visual merchandising

Christian Dior has consistently been on top of the sales charts when it comes to apparels and accessories. One of the main contributors to this success is their use of visual merchandising in marketing their products. Visual merchandising plays an important role in improving the experience of a shopper. It plays a role in attracting customers and convincing them to make a purchase. One of the ways through which they have been able to achieve visual merchandising is the use of acrylic hangers in their stores. Their clear frames and customized clips and hooks contribute to the aesthetics of the Dior store design. Acrylic hangers play a big part in brand recognition and driving up sales in women’s fashion stores.


The Impact of Appropricate Use of Visual Merchandising

When done right, visual merchandising can have the following impacts on the performance of a store’s sales:

Appeal to the expectations of the consumer

The use of visual merchandising creates an appeal that matches the expectations of existing and prospective customers. They elicit nostalgia among customers and makes the want to purchase something. Customers find visuals, especially on the storefront, captivating and can make a purchasing decision off them. Placement of such visual merchandises also plays an important factor in driving up productivity and sales.

Contributes to consumer education

It also plays a part in educating your customers about your products and helps in establishing your brand. You can use visual merchandising to display important information about your products such as pricing, materials form which they are made among others. Clients are more likely to make purchases if they feel knowledgeable about your products. It also saves your staff time from having to take every client through the products. They can focus on converting sales.

Boost brand recognition

Visual merchandising also enhances brand recognition. It gives you an opportunity to promote your store and enable consumers to learn about the store by looking at what’s on display. They will be able to familiarize themselves with your products and be comfortable associating with the store. This can lead to an increase in the number of customers.

the use of visual merchandising to boost your sales

Visual merchandising strategies for fashion store

The following strategies can help you maximize the use of visual merchandising for your outlet. They can help you grab the customers’ attention and maximize sales:

  1. Focus on a clean image Besides colorful displays and amazing light effects.

The overall appearance has a lot to contribute to your visual marketing strategy. Have a well-thought cleaning schedule to ensure that the outlet is always clean throughout the day. Cleanliness enhances whatever visual marketing message you are pushing to your customers.

the use of visual merchandising in Dior boutique

2. Know your target audience for your visual merchandising strategy to succeed.

It is important to understand your target audience and their needs. It wouldn’t make sense to have visual signs on winter clothes during the summer. Even though the fur coats may be fashionable, your clients’ needs during the summer are light dresses. You can purchase acrylic hangers for light summer clothes from our website. You can also visit our Pinterest page to see how acrylic hangers have revolutionized the Dior store interior design and their visual merchandising. You can learn about the Dior store design and how to use acrylic hangers in your own store.

successful visual merchandising strategy

3. Use the right type of shelving customers are more likely to search from left to right more than top to bottom on the shelves.

Vertical product displays are likely to be more eye-catching as compared to flat displays. Our acrylic hangers could come in handy in such cases and can enhance the use of visual merchandising. They will allow clients to look through your products much faster and improve on their experience. The acrylic hangers also make it easier to spot given products from a distance. This would not be possible if they were laid out flat.

left to right display strategy for fashion store

4. Change the visual displays from time to time.

Keeping the same displays for long periods of time ends up being counterproductive to the intended purpose. Instead of attracting customers and boosting sales, it drives them away as they feel it is the same thing that is always on offer. Clients want new items to keep up with the constantly changing fashion trends. Change your visual displays at least every week so that your clients feel that you are introducing them to something new. It is also a way to announce new exciting products in stock.

regularly change of store display

Why Use Our Acrylic Hangers

Acrylic hangers are one of the best use of visual merchandising tools you can have in your fashion boutique. They are very influential in enhancing your store’s brand recognition. First of all, they are heavy duty and won’t bend or snap like other normal hangers. They are made from crystal clear plexiglass. This makes them unbreakable, no matter how thin they are, and keep your clothes in excellent shape for long. They are also not common and therefore give your clients a feeling of privilege and luxury. Every buyer wants a unique product that makes them feel classy. They are elegant and have a streamlined design for a variety of attires.

We can include other special designs on the hangers such as clips, notches, and non-slip rubber bands. This reduces the chances of the attire slipping off the hanger and becoming wrinkled.

chinov acrylic hangers boutique hangers

Designers have been using our acrylic hangers with customized clip and hook colors for visual merchandising in their outlets. They come with a clear frame to match either the store decor or the clothing. We believe in providing quality. We also give a 6-month warranty with every purchase.

We cherish each opportunity to work with our clients, serve them with our best ability to fulfill their satisfaction. We always develop our products with the customer in mind and aim to give them customized high-end products. Right from obtaining the raw materials, designing, engraving, handcrafting to packaging, we strive for quality and take each step seriously. We also ensure that you get your order in time. Our team will get in touch to confirm the lead time of orders before taking them. Give us a call or visit our website to get in touch with us. You can also reach out to us through our social media pages. We are only a call away from being of service to you.

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