To choose the right printing method for printing LOGO/graphic on your acrylic displays, it is important to learn their different effects.

Why it is important to choose the right printing method for acrylic displays?

  1. Each printing method has its advantages & disadvantages;
  2. To choose the right way to print graphics on acrylic displays helps you save money.
  3. Different ways of printing methods bring different brand impressions to your customers.

What kinds of printing methods can be used on acrylic display logo printing?

There are several printing methods that are suitable for printing on acrylic displays. They are Laser engraving, Silk printing, UV printing, Painting spraying, and Thermal pad printing.

What’s the printing effect of each method?

What are the differences between them?

1. Laser engraving:

Also called Micro-carving & laser marking, is scanned by a laser. The characteristics are: the unevenness of the plate makes the logo permanent, and the color is frosted and transparent after micro-engraving, but it can also be put on a simple color to make the logo more obvious.

2. Silk printing:

Under the pressure of the screening brush, the ink passes through the screen, so that the same pattern is printed on the surface of the acrylic. Its operation is simple, fast and cheap. Common in scenarios such as printing LOGOs. The disadvantage is we can only print one color each time.

3. UV printing

A printing method in which ink is cured by ultraviolet rays. It does not change color and is scratch resistant. However, the acrylic plate cannot be bent after printing and is often used on things that do not require high product precision, such as some acrylic billboards and acrylic wine labels.

4. Painting spraying

Also called Digital printing: the technology of spraying a layer of oil film on the acrylic plate and printing against. It has very high precision. the acrylic plate can be bent at will, but it is easy to scratch and does not resist high temperatures. It is common on some acrylic billboards.

5. Thermal pad printing

Hotpress transfer printing, short for hot pad printing, commonly known as hot stamping, hot silver. It is a method of stamping metal foil onto printed matter by means of certain pressure and temperature, and there is also a cold pad printing.

Can cooperate with convex or concave process effect will be better; Besides gold and silver, there are also color gold, laser light, spot color and so on.

Is there any alternative?

If none of the above printing methods can’t fulfill your demand, there is one more way to showcase your product characteristic and brand image, that is Graphic sticker.

graphic sticker effect

A graphic sticker needs to be printed in advance and applied with glue. It makes it limitless for any content that you’d like to print on. To apply graphic stickers onto acrylic displays, we need to use special glue to make it bubbleless. You need to be careful with the edge of the sticker and the display. If the workers are not experienced, the sticker would not be aligned with the display.

Chinov Display helps you to choose the right printing method, of which to benefit you with lower cost & quality-promised. Get in touch with us today for your custom display!!