White Acrylic Stair-Style Display Riser with Clear Plexiglass Cover


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Elevate your merchandise presentation with Chinov Display’s White Acrylic Stair-Style Display Riser, elegantly topped with a clear Plexiglass surface for an unobstructed view of your products. Expertly designed to introduce visual depth and dimension to your display, this riser’s tiered levels lead the eye upwards, showcasing items with pristine transparency and sophistication. Each step is meticulously encased in durable, crystal-clear Plexiglass, ensuring that every angle offers a premium view. Crafted with versatility in mind, this display riser is adaptable to a myriad of retail environments, from jewelry boutiques to cosmetic counters. Embrace the allure of minimalistic design and maximize your product appeal with this stair-style riser, a testament to Chinov Display’s commitment to bespoke solutions and display excellence. Enhance your website’s product range with this chic and space-efficient display option that promises to complement and uplift your diverse offerings.

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