Wholesale Acrylic Display LED Perfume Custom Point of Purchase Stand

Captivate and dazzle with Chinov’s LED Perfume Custom Display Stand – the pinnacle of point-of-purchase sophistication for discerning retailers.

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Sublime Elegance for Scents That Speak: Chinov Display’s LED Perfume Stand


Chinov Display’s Wholesale Acrylic Display LED Perfume Stand is a bespoke piece of art that speaks the language of luxury. With a stand that marries minimalist elegance with functional brilliance, it presents each perfume bottle as a coveted jewel, captivating the senses even before the fragrance is unveiled.


Crafted with immaculate acrylic, the display’s polished surfaces dance with the light, as the integrated LED feature creates a dramatic, ethereal effect. Your brand’s unique vision is brought to life through full customization of size, color, and design, making each stand an individual statement piece that enhances the allure of your perfumes.


Suited for sophisticated boutiques, premier department stores, and exclusive events, our Perfume Stand weaves an ambience of distinction and desire, setting the stage for an unforgettable fragrance discovery experience.

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