Acrylic Nail Color Chart

Acrylic nail color chart plays an important role when marketing. For nail polish manufacturers, you can use nail color chart to promote new nail polish colors. For Nail Art Salon / Manicure / Pedicure, you can use it to show off your new nail art designs.

Features of Acrylic Nail Color Chart

The most economic way to show off your nail swatches is to use nail sample stick. It is cheap enough to buy in bulk. But it is not a good choice if you want to show more information along with it. Thus, a custom acrylic nail color chart is here to release your headache.

Our nail color display book is designed with an acrylic board to embed your nail swatches. We can print the item numbers of each color of the nail art on the acrylic board. If you need the nail sample stick to be more portable, we can make it with magnetic buttons. Furthermore, you can customize the nail sample stick with an attached logo element.

Different Covers of Acrylic Nail Color Chart

Acrylic nail color chart is assembled by acrylic covers, leather folding and nail sample sticks. You can customize the covers with various effects. Such as flat cover, hollow cover, 3D cover as well as glitter cover. Different cover effect tells a different story of your brand.

The Folder of Acrylic Nail Color Chart

For folding, we use soft and durable leather material to connect the two covers. The water proof and easy to clear features of the leather help us to keep the nail art book in good status.

  • Material: Leather
  • Features: Soft & durable, water-proof, easy to clean