Acrylic POP Display

Acrylic pop display is the most commonly used commercial display. It is widely used to grow distributes, retails, as well as exhibition displays. Acrylic is the most popular material in retail maketing because:

  • Wide options of the colors. If you want to drive the customer’s attentions to the product, our high clear acrylic point of sale display is the best choice. Besides, there are multiple colors acrylic boards with gross, frosted, transparent and transclucent appearance to fit your store design.
  • Highly customizable shape and sizes. Acrylic is not the strongest material compared to the other pop display material, but it’s definitely the best one if you require custom design of the shape and sizes.
  • Strength and durability. Acrylic boasting an impact resistance 17 times than traditional glass. The feature release you from worring about cracking in spite of its easy reforming feature.
  • The ability to clean, UV-stabilized and light transmittance feature also makes it an ideal material to manufacture POP displays.