In the nuanced world of retail, the difference between blending in and standing out often comes down to the subtle art of display. Our custom acrylic displays are the silent salespeople of your retail space, available across the globe to revitalize and redefine the way products are presented.


Our expertise with custom acrylic POP displays is not just a claim—it’s a reality that you can witness in over 100 countries, seamlessly integrating with the world’s most renowned retail brands. With a blend of temporary and semi-permanent solutions, we bridge the gap between the ephemeral and the enduring, ensuring that your products catch the eye of every potential customer.


Stand Apart with a Custom Acrylic POP Display


As your ally in retail success, we offer an array of readymade solutions as well as personalized kitting services that are as efficient as they are cost-effective. But the true hallmark of our service is the custom acrylic POP display—a testament to your unique brand identity shaped in durable, high-quality acrylic.


By choosing our service, you’re not just getting a display; you’re getting a dedicated partner in your merchandising journey. So why settle for off-the-shelf when you can elevate your business to new heights of sophistication and visibility with a display that is truly yours?


A Spectrum of Acrylic Excellence – Your Products Deserve the Spotlight


It’s a competitive market out there, but with HP Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art custom acrylic displays, durability and aesthetic brilliance are at your fingertips. With a heritage in acrylic fabrication that nearly spans the material’s existence, we offer unparalleled finesse across a variety of sizes, ensuring your smallest treasures or most intricate items are displayed to perfection.


From the intricate machinery that carves out precise designs to the polished finish that radiates under store lights, every HP Manufacturing display box is a clear choice for showcasing your products. Beyond their stunning visual appeal, these acrylic marvels boast strength, versatility, and maintenance ease that surpass traditional wood or metal fixtures.


Customized For You – Precision Meets Practicality


Our custom fabrication process is as transparent as the products we create. Need a bespoke design for an odd-sized nook or a special budgetary consideration? Our adept designers are primed to not only meet, but exceed your retail aspirations—from conception to prototyping to the final reveal, we guarantee a process devoid of unpleasant surprises, delivering nothing but excellence.


A Complete Suite of Acrylic Mastery For Retail Brilliance


Whether it’s a countertop stand for high-traffic areas or an elegant easel for that showstopper item, our extensive catalog of custom acrylic fixtures is designed to accommodate all your retail needs. From literature holders tailored for your marketing collateral to eye-catching stands that command attention, each fixture is an invitation for customers to engage and enjoy.


Shelves, trays, and bins morph into versatile display surfaces within your space, crafted to blend seamlessly with your aesthetic while amplifying the allure of your products. Apparel, eyewear, jewelry—no matter the category, our custom acrylic solutions celebrate your inventory with a clarity that beckons the buyer closer.


Your Ally in Retail Excellence


Let CHINOV DISPLAY be your partner in crafting the ultimate custom plastic and acrylic solutions for your retail empire. Reach us at (213) 282-7281 or navigate to our request a quote form. We’re eager to join forces and help unfold the next chapter of your retail success story.