Custom Vape Displays

Custom vape displays are the must-have as commercial display. It helps our client to get more sales leads, grow distributors and boost retail sales. Most of our clients are premium E-cigarettes brands from Europe and the USA.

As a visual merchandising display tool, acrylic vapor display has been popular among e-cigs stores. Why is it so popular?

Acrylic e cig holder are so flexible to be made into various styles.
A variety of print options to meet your store interior design.
The material of acrylic is very durable and strong.

As a new way to smoke, e-cigarette conveys the attitude and fashion elements to the consumers. That’s why all the e-cigarette brands always try to appear upper-scale and premium. Acrylic displays are widely used for high-value products, such as jewelry, watches, electronic products, etc. With an acrylic e-cigarette stand, you can be sure of delivering a high-end brand image to your customers.

Acrylic is the best material to produce a point of purchase displays, counter-top cabinets for your e-cigarettes. The high clear feature of this material helps to highlight your product safely without occlusion.