Nail Color Chart Display

Nail color chart Display is a good marketing merchandising to help you sell more gel polish. Why?

  1. It is made from acrylic, solid and steady, safe and easy for transportation;
  2. You can use it to show off your new gel polish color and artistic designs in a premium way;
  3. It is value-added merchandise to promote your product and brand.

“The best way to sell your products is not to tell, but to show.” Visual merchandising professionalisms say. If you’re running a nail polish related business, if you want to get more distributors, if you want to sell more nail gel, if you want to attract more customers to your nail salon, get our nail polish display book now!

Gel nail polish color chart is the best nail color display to show to your customers. It creates a wonderful experience, enables you, clients, to better understand your brand. By directly touching the acrylic nail color chart, your clients are able to try up the new colors and designs conveniently.

Furthermore, it is an effective marketing tool to grow your brand distributors. It helps to promote your product in a visual way. Your clients can re-use it to help you boost your sales.

This nail colour display book is a revolution item to display nail art. It is mainly made from acrylic boards, plastic nail swatches sample sticks, magnetic buttons, and leather. Its dimension is 20*30*2cm as a book.

This acrylic nail color chart can display 88 nail gel color artworks. It is the best marketing merchandise for nail gel manufacturers, nail polish distributors, brand owners, and nail salons.

Gel color chart that made from acrylic appears more steady and upper scale. It configured with magnetic nail sample sticks. This design makes it more convenient for you to show the nail swatches to the customers.

Chinov Display provides custom service for the acrylic nail polish display book. You can change all the graphic design, the quantity of the nail swatches slot, as well as the dimension of the book. Furthermore, you can print your logo on the magnetic nail swatches stick holder, to emphasize your brand image.