Nail Color Chart

Our nail color chart is made from multi-layer acrylic panels. It is the best nail color chart to showcase your new gel polish colors. There are 12pcs magnetic sticks of 80 slots to show off your nail swatches.

By the use of this acrylic nail color chart, your customers can try your new nail art in an easy way. All of your swatches can be taken off the book and put back conveniently.

There are various ways to display your nail polish colors. But the use of an acrylic nail colour chart is the best way! Why?

  1. It feels solid and upper-scale;
  2. Your customers can try up the nail swatches in an easy way;
  3. You can put it out and back conveniently;

Besides showing off new nail polish samples, you can showcase more information to your customers. Such as the story of your brand, color, and nail art. You can add beautiful elements to the nail polish display book, to create a more joyful experience for your customers.

An artistic gel polish colour chart is the best way to show off your nail artworks. As an artistic nail design professional, you won’t want to upset the potential buyers by disabling them to try your nail art. Of course, you can use a plastic nail sample stick instead. But you do agree, that a nail polish display book appears more professionally than the other promotional materials do.

When we want to do something, we want to do it well rather than just finish it. This nail color chart display is such a tool to make your nail design and colors appear as premium.

If you’re looking for a gel polish color chart manufacturer, stay and continue to read now. Chinov display has been producing a premium acrylic nail color chart since 2013. The average working experience of our workers is about 8 years. They are professional in processing high-quality nail polish display book.

We are professionals in various handicrafts to make a perfect match gel color chart. Our main customers are based in China, Japan, Korea, and the USA. If you’re looking for a custom nail color chart factory, contact us now to get a quote.