Nail Polish Display Book

Nail polish display book is essential merchandise in the nail polish industry. For nail gel manufacturers, it is the best marketing display for you to gain more distributors. For nail salons, it is the most premium way to showcase your nail artworks.

Fingernail color chart is very popular in the nail polish industry. It is a great tool to show off nail polish products to your customers. The magnetic buttons make it easy to grab and put back. You can take off the nail swatches conveniently.

This acrylic nail colour display book is made from white acrylic. There is totally 10 magnetic nail sample stick with holder. You can choose to print your logo on the holder to emphasize your brand image. In addition, by customizing the dimension of the nail color chart, you can have a different quantity of the nail tip slots.

All of the folders of our nail polish display books are made from leather. It is soft and durable, water-proof and corrosion-resistant. The combination of these elements makes it a must-have item for growing your nail polish business.

This nail gel color chart is made of acrylic. It can display 100 nail color swatches. With the function of magnetic buttons, you can grab and put back the nail polish samples in an easy way.

You can use the nail polish display book as value-added marketing merchandise to grow your distribution network. When your distributors use this nail polish display book to show their nail artworks to their customers, you’re able to promote your nail polish brand in a free and effective way.

Nail polish color chart is one of the most effective marketing merchandise. It is informative enough to enhance your brand image by plenty of elements.

This nail polish display book is made from acrylic boards. The coverless design makes it lighter and more affordable. With a plastic holder at the back, you can place it at the tabletop of your store. The nail sample sticks are magnetic. You can grab the nail swatches and put them back very easily.

There are many types of nail art displays in the market. Most of them are made of plastic. They are cheap, true. But on the other hand, they are “cheap” too.

Chinov Display has been devoted ourselves to developing premium acrylic nail polish display book for many years. We’re familiar with various handicrafts to bring you different visual effects. Our product is very popular among nail polish manufacturers, nail art schools and nail salons.

Furthermore, we offer a full range of customization services. You can determine the dimensions, graphic, visual effect, as well as the handicraft, and we’ll bring it to life!