Custom Acrylic Display Skincare Lipsticks Point of Purchase Stand

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We are pleased to introduce the Custom Acrylic Display Skincare Lipsticks Point of Purchase Stand, designed and produced exclusively by Chinov Display. This multi-purpose display solution is your answer to an enchanting showcase of your beauty products.


Built from premium quality acrylic, the stands are designed with distinct slots to hold individual lipstick units, offering an unhindered view and easy access to your diverse range of skincare lipsticks. Each section is designed to maintain product stability while ensuring they shine in all their colourful beauty. The transparency of the acrylic body further enhances the appeal and visibility of your products.


What makes this stand remarkable is the center-front branding space strategically placed to capture attention and foster brand recognition. This unique feature supports effective communication of brand information and special offers, a feature that sets you apart in marketplaces bustling with products.


One of our key features is the customizable nature of our stands. As our client, you have the liberty to decide on the design, colors, dimensions and structures, ensuring your display stand aligns perfectly with your branding requirements and retail space.


Please note that while we strive for accurate color representation, slight variances may occur due to differing screen calibrations and lighting conditions.


Chinov’s Custom Acrylic Display Skincare Lipsticks Point of Purchase Stand is more than a display stand. It’s a strategic tool that enhances product visibility, promotes brand awareness, encourages customer engagement, and ultimately, catalyzes sales growth. Integrate our stands into your retail strategy and witness the transformation in your product presentation and customer experience.


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